Upcoming Events......

Jan 11th - Week 1 of the Winter 2023 season

Feb 15th - Week 3 make up

March 29th - Semi-finals

April 5th - Week 1 of the Finals

April 12 - Week 2 of Finals

April 19th - MVP Shootout & Summer season sign ups

Winter 2023 Season

Start time is 7:45pm. 8pm grace period. All matches should be underway

All matches will be scored on Dart Connect. It is the capt responsibility to make sure the match is SAVED and SENT which means being connected to wifi so the Dart Connect server can sync with your tablet, at the end of the night.

Any issues, or questions please text or call Eileen 978-835-7332

MVP Shootout Winners Fall 2022 Season

A division - Adam Belleville

B division - Brian "Wiggles" 

C division - Corey Saucier

D division - Chris Noftle


Congratulations to the Champions of the Fall 2022 Season

A Division - Nab Licker Pigs

B Division - Jokers Bulls H!t

C Division - Jokers Crew

D Division - Paddys Otones Degenerates



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