Upcoming Events......

December 1st - Semi finals week 1 - use regular roster format

December 8th - Semi finals week 2 - reg roster - race to 16 wins (if aftter regular format on both night it comes to 15-15, use overtime schedule. best of 3 games. single cricket, patriot doubles, singls 301. Each player can only play once in overtime.

December 15th - Finals week 1 - regular format

December 22nd - Finals week 2 - same as semi finals week 2

January 5, 2022 MVP shoot out & Sign ups

January 12, 2022 Capt Meeting

January 19, 2022 Week 1 of Winter 2022 Season

Semi Finals Schedule Week 1 December 1st


Knick Mediocre @ knick Dart Knights

Knick Boyz @ Knick Rusty Muskets


Oharas Fun First @ Knick Scabs

Sports Zone Greenwave @ Nab Licker Pigs


Knick Unknown @ Oharas Bad News Bears

Knick Bad Intentions @ Knick Dartaholics


Jokers Hit that Shit @ RJ's

Nab on the Pond @ Jokers Darty Deeds


Knick Darty Bunch @ Sports Zone Krazy Krew

Bucks 420 @ Brothers Mafia


Good Luck everyone!!!

Fall 2021

We are not expecting the bars to provide food this season. They were one of the hardest hit during Covid and we need to help them get back on their feet, 

Also please comply with any mask requirement by the bar. As of right now, we don't think any of the bars are requiring masks. If we hear of any, we will communicate that to you so you are aware.

I think we are all happy to just be out there playing, but please be respectful to teams and bars and lets have fun doing what we love.  Have a great season!!



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