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3rd game stats

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3rd game stats
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Coming July 17th, 18th, 19th...

Stars and Stripes Shootout at the Wyndham Hotel in Andover

Hosted by the Patriot Dart League.

We will be giving away $5000.00 +

More details to be announced soon ...........


About Us


Patriot Dart League
PO Box 568
Dracut, MA 01826






Board of Directors

Dave Leonard - President

Eileen Leonard - Vice President

Michelle Tompkins - Board Member

Tom Saucier - Board Member

Marcia Tynan - Board Member

Joe Brum - Board Member

Scott Paquette - Board Member




Lawrence division to start in January 2015

We will be expanding to Lawrence, Haverhill, Methuen.  This division (Lawrence division) will NOT cross with Lowell Division.

It will start in January 2015 and it will be on Wednesday Night.

It will be a 17 game format (2 boards).

The Bar Fee will be $150.00 per team

$10.00 players fee for the season

Guaranteed Championship Jackets and runner up sweatshirts

For more info, contact the league or speak to a board member.


Upcoming Events......

Oct 24th  (Friday) - Breast Cancer LOD @ Knickerbocker 7-7:45pm sign ups. Darts fly at 8. $10.00 entry (5 to players, 5 to Breast Cancer) 

Oct 26th (Sunday) - Regional Qualifier @ Ward Six in Lawrence.  $10 entry, 1 in 10 qualify. 11am sign ups

Nov 2nd (Sunday) - Seacoast Qualifier @ Knickerbocker sign ups 11am-12:30

Nov 26th - Thanksgiven Eve LOD @ Knickerbocker 7-7:45 sign ups  Darts fly at 8pm.

Dec 6th (Saturday) - Sun Santa Fund LOD @ Knickerbocker
sign ups 11am-12:30

Jan 7 - MVP Shootout & Last Chance for Sign ups for the Winter 2015 Season @ Knickerbocker 7PM-7:45 is sign ups for MVP. Darts fly at 8pm.

Jan 14th - Capt Meeting & LOD @ Knickerbocker 7PM-7:45 is sign ups for LOD. Darts fly at 8pm.

Jan 21st - Week 1 of Winter Season

July 17th, 18th, 19th - STARS AND STRIPES SHOOTOUT at Wyndham in Andover. $5000.00 + Give Away!!



Congrats to the winners of LOD on 5/14

1st Place  Jeff McCormick & Brian Wiggles

2nd Place Tom Newcomb & Mike Prescott

3rd Place Levi Remick & Tom Saucier