Lawrence Schedule

Will appear under the Youth tab, then schedule.

Are you looking for past season plaques that you never picked up????

Call or text Marcia at 978-726-0114

Let her know what season, what bar you played out of and your name.

About Us


Patriot Dart League
PO Box 568
Dracut, MA 01826






Board of Directors

Dave Leonard - President

Eileen Leonard - Vice President

Michelle Tompkins - Board Member & Statistician

Marcia Tynan - Board Member

Joe Brum - Board Member

Scott Paquette - Board Member

Tom Saucier - Board Member

Jim Tompkins - Board Member

Bucky Cournoyer - Board Member

Donna Lemieux - Board Member

Brett Hamel - Board Member

Blaine Doyle - Board Member

Russ Shurtleff - Board Member

Kim Provencal - Board Member

Eric Edwards - Board Member

Upcoming Events......

Oct 7th - Summer Banquet

Oct 11th - Witch City Qualifier @ Knickerbocker

Oct 25th - Regional Cricket Qualifier @ Knickerbocker

Nov 7th - Seacoast Qualifier @ Knickerbocker

Nov 18th - Playoffs round 1

Nov 25th - Thanksgiving Eve LOD @ Knickerbocker

Dec 2nd & 9th Playoffs - Championships

Dec 13th - Sun Santa Fund Raiser @ Knickerbocker

Dec 16th - MVP Shootout & Last Chance Sign Ups

Dec 23rd - Capt Meeting

Dec 30th - Week 1 Winter 2016 Season 


Congrats to the winners of LOD on 8/19/15

1st & 2nd Place split Levi Remick & Russ Mitchell, Tom Newcomb & Jimmy Tranfaglia 

3rd & 4th split JP McGann & Fred Davis, Tony Cudio & Sean McMinimum

Great job, Congrats!!!