Division reps. - If there is a problem within your division, please contact your rep.

A-1-----Devin Curran--------978-337-8117  **Text Only**

A-2-----Eileen Leonard------978-835-7332 **Text Only**

B-1-----Michelle Tompkins  978-761-2176  **Text Only**

B-2-----Jim Tompkins--------978-569-6132  **Text Only**

C-----  Terry Godsoe---------978-420-9854 **Text Only**

D-------Marcia Tynan---------978-726-0114 **Text Only**

Are you looking for past season plaques that you never picked up????

Call or text Marcia at 978-726-0114

Let her know what season, what bar you played out of and your name.

About Us


Patriot Dart League
PO Box 568
Dracut, MA 01826






Board of Directors

  Adam Belleville

  Brenna Baker

  Devin Curran

  Duane LaChance

  Eileen Leonard - Vice President  

  Jerry Jutras

  Jimmy James Cook

  Jim Tompkins

  Marcia Tynan  

  Michelle Tompkins

  Terry Godsoe  

  Tom Saucier - President






Upcoming Events......

Sat Feb 4 - Port City Qualifier $10 per player Open to all 1 out of 10 will Quilify.  PDL also Pays for 1 man & woman That plays in the league.

Wed Feb 15 Fall Season Banquet LOD $10 per player sign ups 7- 7:45 Start 8:00. Food & Awards

Sun Mar 26 White Mountians Quilifier $10 per player Open to all 1 out of 10 will Quilify.  PDL also Pays for 1 man & woman That plays in the league.

Sun Santa

Sun Santa Results

Total Donation $2111.00

We Can not Thank Everyone Enough for helping us surpass

our goal of 2000 next year goal is 2500 lets make it happen again

Womens Doubles

Donna Lemieux

Melissa Jalbert

Mens Doubles

Blaine Doyle

Tommy Curtin

Mixed Doubles

Bette Cunningham

Bruce Robbins

Womens Singles

Bette Cunningham

Mens Singles

Bruce Robbins


Jimmy Tranfaglia

Rich Gingras 

Great job, Congrats!!!


MVP Shootout Results

A1 Tom Sawyer

A2 Jim "Kong" Tompkins

B1 Adam Belleville

B2 Tony "BT" Benjamin

C1 Brian Fox

C2 Richie McCormick


LOD Results 12/7

1st & 2nd Split

Tom "Butter" Newcomb & Russell Mitchell

Tom Sawyer & Keith Santanglo

3rd & 4th

Marty O'Toole & Live Remick

Brenna Baker & Mark "Rippa" Ripley

Great Shooting!!!